Laser Hair Removal

Chances are you are a great candidate for laser hair removal in our La Mesa Med Spa

Plucking, shaving, waxing and threading are all very common methods of removing unwanted hair. Most adults use at least one of these techniques on a regular basis – some of us daily! We do this whether we really want to or not because we do want the end result, smooth, silky skin. If the daily grind of shaving or otherwise removing hair is wearing old, you may be pleased to know you are likely a great candidate for laser hair removal.

At Dr. J’s Med Spa, we have selected the top treatments and the most advanced equipment to help each of our clients achieve their unique goals. Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments. In beautiful San Diego, there are very few months out of the year when we want to cover up. Eliminating hair from places such as the arms, legs, face, underarms or bikini area makes perfect sense!

How laser treatment removes hair for good

Our GentleMax Pro® System is geared toward excellent results for men and women who want to be hair-free anywhere on their body. The laser device targets pigment in hair that is in the follicle at the time of treatment. The color in hairs absorbs thermal energy, which quickly transforms to heat. Within milliseconds of contact, individual hairs are vaporized.

While laser energy targets hair, there is also an effect on the follicles themselves. Over the recommended course of treatment, follicles will become less capable of producing hair. Once we see you through your hair growth cycle, usually between eight and twelve treatments, you can expect to see smooth, gorgeous skin. Many of our patients visit us once a year for a touch-up treatment that will inhibit the growth of random hairs.

Who seeks laser hair removal

Due to the advanced technology available today, most people can undergo the laser hair removal procedure with no problem. Our clinician has extensive experience in the use of the GentleMax Pro® System and has helped many clients achieve the exact level of hair reduction they desire. Those who seek laser hair removal include individuals who:

Have one or more areas on which they want to permanently reduce or eliminate hair.

Have medium to dark hair color. Gray hair does not absorb heat from our laser device because there is no pigment. See us before it’s too late!

Understand that touch-ups may be necessary every so often to maintain completely smooth skin.

Although laser works on pigment, today’s devices are more adept at treating a wider range of skin and hair tones than early models.

We are happy to consult with you about our laser hair removal treatment to determine if it is right for you. Contact Dr. J’s Elegant Reflections at 619-589-0028 today.

Due to supply cost increase some prices of our services have increased, contact our office for further questions about pricing.

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