PRP Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a pressing concern that, for many, has felt insurmountable. For some time, the solution to hair loss was a simple choice: either have hair transplant surgery or live with the recession or diffuse thinning of natural hair. Today, there are more choices than ever. Scientific discovery has brought about the development of medicinal products, as well as an organic therapy that encourages healthier hair growth using a derivative of your own blood.

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP therapy, is an exciting therapeutic approach to hair restoration. We are pleased to offer this procedure in our La Mesa and Temecula Ca medical spa.

PRP as a Hair Restoration Option

Blood is more than white and red cells, there are several other products to be found in your blood. As it pertains to the stimulation of hair follicles, it is the growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells that are of interest. These blood products have been routinely used in the United States and Europe over the past several decades to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration after physical injury. The success that has been achieved in cosmetic and plastic surgery, neurosurgery, sports medicine, orthopedics, and oral surgery are now extending into the field of hair restoration.

How it Works?

PRP works by stimulating the hair follicles into action. This is achieved by the many growth factors within this blood product. This stimulation occurs over time, and may require multiple treatments.

A hair restoration with platelet-rich plasma takes place in our La Mesa and Temecula Ca office, starting with a blood draw just like you undergo during a routine physical. Blood is then processed in a centrifuge, a piece of equipment that separates cells from plasma. This process provides us with the “liquid gold” we need to treat hair follicles.

Anesthetic is applied to the scalp to lessen nerve sensitivity. You should feel no discomfort as we apply platelet-rich plasma into dermal tissue on the scalp. After the scalp is treated and cleaned, normal activities can be immediately resumed.

Is it time to stimulate your hair follicles into action? Call our La Mesa and Temecula Ca office at 951-319-1730 to schedule your consultation for PRP hair restoration.

Restore Fullness and Thickness with Platelet-Rich Plasma

As the field of regenerative medicine continues to advance, we are pleased to discover that platelet-rich plasma holds enormous value for a wide variety of cosmetic improvements. At Dr. J’s Med Spa in La Mesa and Temecula, we pride ourselves on providing personal service that gets results. This is one of the reasons we are excited to offer PRP hair restoration treatments.

What is PRP for hair loss?

Thinning hair is a concern that can cause a great deal of frustration and distress. Platelet-rich plasma is an innovative medical treatment that is showing promising results in the area of hair restoration. It is important to know that the best results from PRP hair treatment occur when care is obtained early. In areas of complete balding, where hair follicles have become completely non-functional, the introduction of growth factors cannot stimulate new growth. When treatment is conducted on areas where hair has become thin and fragile, the action of growth factors within failing (but still functional) hair follicles can improve thickness, fullness, and length.

How it Works?

After an initial consultation and examination of the scalp and hair follicles, PRP treatment may begin. Initially, this involves a quick blood draw from the arm. Blood is used to obtain the richest product within the body, platelet-rich plasma. It is here where growth factors are abundant, and where the magic of regeneration lies.

After platelet-rich plasma has been extracted through centrifuging, or spinning the blood, it is placed into a sterile vial. From here, the solution can be injected into areas of the scalp where hair restoration is needed. When introduced to these areas, the activated serum releases growth factors that “speak” to the cells within hair follicles, inciting the same repair mechanism that occurs when there is a superficial wound. Repair means increased circulation and collagen remodeling, both of which stimulate follicles to work more efficiently.

Because hair growth goes through several cycles, including a resting phase, multiple treatments may be needed to achieve optimal results.

Platelet-rich plasma skin and hair rejuvenation is highly rated by patients around the world. To learn more about this treatment, contact our La Mesa or Temecula office.

Due to supply cost increase some prices of our services have increased, contact our office for further questions about pricing.

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